Challenging Your Creativity, Do You?

Challenging Your Creativity, Do You?

This week I’ve been talking about getting my crafty mojo back.  I’m still there so bare with me.

Sometimes it takes longer than I’d like, and that is the reality.


Artisan Blog Hop!

Today the Artisans are sharing their work and this is always inspirational to me and definitely a lift when you have creative block.

For me and my project…. well, I’m not going to lie.  It’s not my favorite project I’ve ever made.  This was truly a challenge and one that ended up in the garbage a few times only to be saved and played with more.

Challenging, Stampin' Up!, Artisan Blog Hop


Here is the deal…

In my box of love I received from Stampin’ Up!,  I had this gorgeous ribbon- 1″ Stitched Watermelon Wonder Satin Ribbon.

There is no doubt it’s beautiful.  Kimberly just didn’t know what to do with it.  I had this ribbon going all sorts of ways on my card. This was challenging my creativity like you wouldn’t believe.


But wait…. there is more.


I also challenged myself with Cucumber Crush cardstock and ink.  This color is a really tough one for me.  Do you have a color that is really tough for you to work with?


Challenging, Stampin' Up!, Artisan Blog Hop


Let it Go….


There came a time when I was creating this I finally said…..  LET IT GO and be done with it.  I did just that.


Challenging, Stampin' Up!, Artisan Blog Hop


Here is what I love…… 

I can’t deny I love these balloons and love them stamped on Crumb Cake cardstock.  I also love Linen Thread hanging from them.

AND…. I also love that bright Cucumber Crush peeking out from the Crumb Cake cardstock. Giggle.  Want to know another thing….


Cucumber Crush is growing on me.  Everywhere I look I see this color.


This time next year I might be crying my eyes out over this color leaving the In Color collection.  That would be something to really giggle over.


Challenging, Stampin' Up!, Artisan Blog Hop


Lesson Learned….. 

I learned that it’s okay to not love every project I create and don’t give up on it or myself.


Friends, I hope that you know creative block is REAL and all crafters go through it.  Sometimes it can go away quickly.  Sometimes it takes longer.  There is no doubt we have an abundance of resources to gain inspiration from.  That’s the beautiful thing about this community.  We can be inspired in so many ways.  We need to let that inspiration soak in and let our own inspiration flow when it’s ready.

If you are looking for a challenge… Try out these colors below.  I left out the Crumb Cake because it’s a neutral color.  It goes with anything.  Try it with Whisper White.  Or Basic Black.


You can see all the products I used for this card in the clickable links below.



Be Inspired….

Go ahead and grab your favorite drink and be inspired by the other Artisans.  These women blow me away with their creative flare and the ideas they come up with.  Up next on the hop is Krista.  Not only does she inspire me as a crafter, I love her fun crazy personality and especially watching her from a far with her 3 kids.  Her personality shines through everything she does.  Just click the button below and enjoy a little creativity.

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  1. I’m so glad you fished this from the trash. I LOVE it…it’s super cute…and creative…and your layering magic shines through. And thanks for the reminder that we all experience the block…we all need to hear it now and then!

  2. You are such an inspiration! From the garbage? Seriously? Love your honesty and your heart! Great card too!

  3. When I first started crafting two years ago I didn’t even know what a blog was. Somehow I stumbled upon your blog and your jaw droppingly amazing creations. I always think “Wow! How does she come up with this stuff?!” I’ve been loving your goods ever since. It turns out though that even more I just love that you offer yourself up to us as a real person. Thank you so much for your honest sharing. ?

  4. Maria said it perfectly you keep it real and it so nice to know that sometimes even those that we admire have their mojo run low at times :-). Your project turned out fabulous! I love the cucumber crush peaking through and it really adds that splash of color to the pallet!

  5. I’m so sorry you’re struggling with your mojo. That is so frustrating, and I hope that changes soon so stamping can be fun again. Meanwhile, you are making fabulous projects like this one. I love the kraft balloons and what you did with the ribbon.