Annoyed- It Happens!


Grab your coffee… or better yet, grab a glass of wine.  If it wasn't so early I may sip some with you. 

I'm working on my "me" album this morning and reflecting on some thougths that are constantly reoccuring in my tiny head more often than not.  You know… the "CRAZY" thoughts.  

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up!

I'm 42. Some say this could be hormones.  Some say I've always been crazy so crazy thoughts are just normal for me.  But can I tell you that I'm concerned? These are CRAY CRAY thoughts!  Read on…


I've been talking to you about telling your story.  It's so important. It's like keeping a diary putting your thoughts on paper (or digital).  Writing about yourself is not easy.  In fact one of the reasons I don't share more of my "me" album is because of the personal nature of the book.  You might even think I loved myself too much. That statement could not be any farther from the truth.  


Ah, don't get me wrong… I don't hate myself either.  I've always said you have to love yourself before you can love others.  I love everyone, well most.

 The concern? I find myself annoyed ALL the time.  Normal things that would never bother me tend to crush my spirit these days.  One of the worst…. hang tight……. the "comparison" thing.  


Yep, I said it! 

Comparing myself to others.  Oh jeez. I despise that word. It makes me CRAZY!

But c'mon…. as females we do it all the time.  I can read or see something on Facebook and think to myself, "Kimber, you should do that. You should be that. You should try that… You should, you should, you should!"  

Oh good grief.  At the end of the day I'm not sure what I "SHOULD" do.  Then the crazy thoughts fill my head and by the end of the day I am deflated, tearful and Russ thinks I've gone off the deep end… again!


I had a little selfie talk this morning!  Here is what I should do….

I should remember that I am worthy! I am ME! I am who I am. I am so blessed.

I should remember that I don't have the super powers that I would love to have.  

I should remember that I can only do what's physically and mentally possible in a 24 hour period and others do not expect more from me.  

I should remember that I am surrounded by the most amazing friendships a girl could ever in a lifetime ask for. Those who do not like me, it's okay.  I'm still worthy.

I should remember that I'm not perfect.  Never have been.  I can try all the time, it's not in my DNA. 

I should remember that comparing myself to others is not necessary.  I cannot be them.  Being me is what I am supposed to be.   

So while my spirit may be crushed a few times by "annoying things" in the grand scheme of it all, I have to remember those "things" are so very small compared to the big picture of my life.  I have a happy life. Seriously, a happy life. 


So back to telling YOUR story…  A year from now I will open this book of me and see this entry.  I will sit back and reflect on the growth of the past year.  Seeing it in writing is powerful.   5 years from now I hope my little girl opens this book as she enters high school and sees that comparing yourself to others is normal… even mommy did it.  I hope she feels self worth and can see mommy did too.  

I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve today, but really… I want you to tell your story.  You are important. 






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15 thoughts on “Annoyed- It Happens!”

  1. Nicole Steele

    I have been reading your blog for a couple months now after stumbling across it.  I LOVE your creations and I LOVE how YOU really come across as YOU in your writing.  What you wrote today….I could write the same thing.  I am 38, married for 15 years (today!) to my college sweetheart, three daughters (12, 10, 8) and I, too, get "crazy" thoughts a lot lately!  My poor husband just stays silent and listens.  I find that the more time I spend on the Internet, the worse the comparisons become since I see SO many ideas and people and stuff…..I start to get overwhelmed and then feel defeated because I am not doing "this and that".  Some real helps for me…..visit my favorite two or three sites and that is it……exercise, exercise, exercise…….pray….and LAUGH!!!!!!  Laughter gets me through SO much.  And YOU make me laugh with your usual blog posts and YOU make me smile with your creations!  So please please just be you and soak up your family and friends' love for you and tune out (any way you have to) what other people are doing and saying.  And now I must go back to creating, totally inspired by you!

  2. I too agree, I think it is normal but we are who we are and that is how it should be. I might compare myself to others as far as having their talent but I love me too and  I am talented my way. I worry more about living the best life I can, since I know after losing quite a few loved ones, that life is really too short. The older you get the less you worry what others think about you. I mean don't get me wrong, I want to be liked but like you said Kimberly, if someone doesn't like you, you are still worthy. I know it's not going to change me to their liking 🙂 You are a beautiful, talented, wonderful, wife and mother. I love your creations and the way you talk about your Prince, children and mother. So keep being you 🙂

  3. You are a child of God and inspire many others.  I want to thank you for the times you, through your videos  and blog posts, have lifted me out of a slump!

    The comparison thing is NEVER  helpful but I think we all have these moments! How wise of you to tell your story as a testimony for all of us and for your daughter down the road.  God bless you, Kimberly Van Diepen! 

  4. We, as women tend to take on so much.  Really much more than we can handle.  No wonder we doubt ourselves, become negative & then question our worth.  It's true, as you get older, what other's think of you isn't as important.  And really, are they thinking of you?  Kimberly, you are truly the most generous talented individual I've met.  Never ever doubt your worth!  Your life is amazing, your family is blessed & you make us feel valued.  We, your friends, wish you well as you prepare for the next leg of your journey with your Prince & children.

  5. Oh, it's hormones!  Take it from someone who's been there, done that!  I am old enough to be your mom…

    More to come!

    Your MDS, demo friend,


  6. Carol Carriveau

    It is probably hormones…yes, at your age even!   When I first started creating and joined SU! I was terribly shy and didn't want to share anything with anyone (other than two close friends!) and now I am getting better at sharing and having more fun creating…and demos like you who have wonderful creations inspire me!   I love your list of what I should be doing and think we can all take a lesson from that and keep it hanging somewhere…in fact, I'm going to print it out and keep with my crafting supplies.   Thank you for always sharing your personal and honest feelings about so many things…we women really appreciate sharing and caring….and knowing that so many of us out here have been through it…younger and older….just keep being you!!!!!!

  7. Carol, I have to thank you for ALWAYS being SO kind and always commenting.  I truly love your comments and I appreciate every single one of them.  You always bring a smile to my face.  Truly!!

  8. Faye, you are correct.   I am SO SO blessed with so many things which is why I’m so concerned over the CRAZY feelings.  ??? They are nuts.  Love you… 

  9. Nicole, thank you so much for your sweet comments.  I appreciate that you took the time to write and read my blog.  We are lucky to have husbands that listen to us. LOL.  I need to get back on my 21 day challenge again.  I was feeling pretty good. 🙂  Again, thank you for your kind words. 🙂 XOXOXO

  10. I thought I was the only one that had crazy thoughts…….never would have thought you would. I just love you blog…..getting to know you via it….altho we have met.

    Keep your chin up my Friend….and thank you so much for sharing YOU!

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