A Day to Remember…

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin Up Demonstrator



Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up Demonstrator



Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin up demonstrator


I don't have many words today.  It's a day to reflect on what happened to our country 10 years ago today.  It's hard to believe it's been 10 years.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  We had friends visiting us from Iowa.  We were living in Pensacola, Florida at the time and Russ was a flight instructor.  He had gone to work that beautiful morning and I was entertaining our friends at home.  Brandon was just 9 months old and it was time to feed him.  We were all sitting in our living room watching Good Morning America just as I still do today.  We watched the horrific events unravel on the TV from the start. I remember sitting there in disbelief.  I tried to call Russ and I couldn't get through to him.  Once I did he wasn't sure if he would be able to leave the base. It was in lock down. We were glued to the TV the rest of the day. I'm finding myself glued to the TV again today. 


My heart aches for all the innocent people that we lost that day and for those that continue to make sacrifices to protect our freedom.  I'm so proud of my Prince and all of our service men as they make huge sacrifices everyday and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice protecting us. 


This card is for my Prince. I think it's pretty patriotic.  ;)


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3 thoughts on “A Day to Remember…”

  1. I remember this day too, just like it was yesterday.  I went to work in the morning before I had realized what had happened.  Once at work we all stopped working and watched on TV as the towers fell.  Today I still felt the same yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach and thankful that there are so many people working to protect us.  Even though I live in Canada and I didn't know any of the people that were killed or injured, it just doesn't matter.. all those people just didn't go home that night, people lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, grampas and grammas ..  and your heart just has to hurt for that…

  2. Your card was beautiful.  First thing I saw this morning.  Thank you and your family for your continued support and dedication to our country.  On 9/11 my family watched from across the Hudson and my cousin was only a few blocks from ground zero.  My sons baptism in Sept. was followed by a funeral for a local Father who was in the towers that day.  Thank you again for all that you all do.  Words can not describe how grateful we are for you and your prince.  God Bless.

  3. Starting Friday, the entire weekend was one of reflection…I said I would not watch anything as I didn't want to relive that horrid day….but I found myself watching off and on all weekend – seeing all that has changed at the Ground Zero sight and listening to a lot being said about this anniversary and comments from the surviving families and seeing people at each of the memorial services….it was hard not to be there with them in spirit.  There were memorial services at a few locations here in the Bay Area for the people who were lost on the flight in PA.    To say "thank you' to your Prince and all of the other service men and women just doesn't seem enough  for the sacrafices they are all making….but please extend thanks from my family and I…and to you and your kids as well for your are making a great sacrafice as well.  Love the card that you designed and know he will love and appreciate it as well.  

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