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Pastor Appreciation- Labeler Alphabet

Pastor Appreciation Month

You may not be aware, but October is Pastor Appreciation Month.


After talking to one of my friends at church we were discussing our Pastor and the great man he is.

This had me walking away thinking about all this man and his family has done for my little messy family.

Yes, messy!  I believe Pastors and their families see some really messy stuff.

Labeler Alphabet, Stampin' Up!



Creating Appreciation

If there was ever the opportunity to create a bit of appreciation it was NOW.

The only problem was articulating what I wanted to create for our Pastor and the supplies on hand.

Surely with the load of supplies I had in sight I could create the perfect card…

While the perfect greeting wasn’t in sight… I had an idea.

My idea was to articulate something with our church mission.



Labeler Alphabet, Stampin' Up!




The Brain Starts Clicking!

You gotta love when the brain starts clicking and the creativity starts overflowing.

Then the products and creativity work together.

First I grabbed the stamp set Places You’ll Go with the gorgeous globe and stand.

Next, the stamp set that wins for making this card possible-Labeler Alphabet!

Do you have a word or perfect greeting thats not already a stamp? Create your own with the Labeler Alphabet.

“Making Disciples of All Nations” was the greeting I wanted and the Labeler Alphabet was PERFECTION!


Labeler Alphabet, Stampin' Up!

Tips & Tricks

Below are a few tips & tricks when working with the Labeler Alphabet stamp set.

  • You can place the stamps on a block to create the words or stamp individually.
  • When stamping the words together you will notice more space between the letters because of how the images appear.
  • Heat emboss with embossing powder to give a realistic look of a label.  VersaMark Ink and White Embossing Powder achieved the look in the picture above.
  • The Globe and stand were stamped with VersaMark ink and embossed with Gold Embossing Powder.  You can create the colored globe by simply sponging Pool Party and Mint Macaron ink together over the embossed image.
  • Create a watercolor background using Pool Party and Mint Macaron ink with an Aqua Painter onto Watercolor Paper.


Regardless of what greeting you need, the Labeler Alphabet stamp set can help you achieve the results needed.


Make Others Feel Appreciated

We don’t have to have a special month to make others feel appreciated.  As stampers we have the opportunity to send a quick card and let others know our appreciation every single day.

Don’t forget the power of a hand stamped card. It’s a beautiful thing.

Today pull out a card that you have created and let someone know how much you appreciate them.


Labeler Alphabet, Stampin' Up!

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Chest Out, Chin Up!

Chest Out, Chin Up!

Tonight’s words of advice to my teenagers-Chest out, Chin up!

Words I heard 100 times tonight while watching my daughter at gymnastics… four hours worth.

It wasn’t until we got in the car to come home that these words resonated a different meaning to me.


Attitude is Everything

Recently I took a leap of faith and switched my daughter to a new gym.

We left a gym that was a part of our lives for 3 years.

The reasons for leaving were many.  Although a huge change and many sacrifices will be made, in my heart I know this was a change that needed to happen.

It wasn’t until the ride home however that I needed to give my daughter a real heart to heart.


As I was watching her tonight I could tell that she wasn’t giving her all in a sport she loves so much.  Granted, she hasn’t been feeling well, and maybe she was tired.  However, she has always been quick to complain about everything around her being the problem but not looking deep inside herself to find that the problem lies within her.


GASP!  You might be thinking I’m a terrible mother by saying this.  The truth is, she needed to hear the truth.

Moving to the new gym she could see that her skill level was behind.  Her quick answer was to blame everyone at the last gym.

I could only chuckle because isn’t this the answer for many? If something isn’t working right it couldn’t be me? It must be THEM.

The truth is she’s not giving it 100%.  What can you expect?


The REAL Truth


Maybe I’m way off base in my thinking and let me preface this is my personal opinion and what I see in relation to my own children…  smart phones in my kids hands are creating lazy, low self esteem, attitude monsters.  

My kids have become so dependent on this little device and it’s causing more problems than I ever imagined.

  • pure and simple laziness
  • lack of self confidence
  • attitude problems

Let me explain my issues… because it all ties into Chest out, Chin Up and believe it or not it ties into my stamping world as well.


My heart to heart with my daughter came to life this evening because of these very things I have written above.

My girl loves to lay on her bed and do absolutely nothing but watch YouTube video after YouTube video.  Resulting in ZILCH effort on her part of actually getting something done.  Brandon is in the same boat.


Tonight as I watched her on the bars, her arm strength was ZERO.  Yet she has no time to gain strength in her upper arms at home because she is sitting on her bed, watching a video of someone else gaining strength in their arms.  Not kidding.

When I explained that it would take work to build up her arm muscles, you would have thought I had 4 eyes and spikes coming out of my head.  I was immediately the worst mom ever.  The truth was hurting. There was no way this could be her fault.


Lack of Self Confidence

I’m not bragging, but my kids are smart individuals.  Honestly, I know for a fact it is not from my side of the gene pool.  I am amazed at the intelligence of my kids.  BUT… they lack every bit of self confidence they should have.

I hear the “I can’t do that…” more times that I can tell you.  When in fact I know they can.

Why would a smart phone tie into this you might ask?

I thought about myself.  When I look on Pinterest, or YouTube many times I feel less than a stellar human after seeing the amazing things people make or do.

I won’t tell you the countless Pinterest recipes I’ve tried and ruined and I can promise DID NOT come out looking like it did in the picture.

Don’t get me wrong. Please hear me out… I love both of these sites.  But can I tell you there are times when I watch or see something and I feel like a ninny because I can’t do the things these people do?

A perfect example would be a blogger I follow who posts the most beautiful pictures of her home all decked in WHITE and she has 4 beautiful children dressed to the nines every single day.  She’s as big as a stick and there is NEVER a mess.

When I first started following her I was amazed at her ability to keep her “photographed” home so clean and tidy with 4 children.  I felt like a lazy mom knowing I had a pile of dirty dishes waiting, nothing even planned to cook and there was nothing pretty to photograph around me.  AND definitely nothing WHITE.

Then it hit me…

My “Something is not right” ticker went off in my head.

Keep it REAL

I am guessing she too has dirty dishes.  Behind that camera she is in her pajamas, not showered in a few days and one of her kids is wearing a diaper soaked to the gills.  I mean really….

But you see how quickly I lost self confidence in myself?

Again, maybe I’m totally off base… but I feel like with my kids noses in a smart phone seeing all the perfection there is NO way they can meet the expectations of what they see.



Let’s Not Forget Attitude- It’s EVERYTHING!

It wasn’t until the handy little smart phone landed in my kids hands when the attitudes started flying. I’m not talking about a disrespectful attitude.  I’m talking about complaining, whining and the constant… I can’t do that syndrome.

It was the basis for my entire conversation tonight with my daughter.

Attitude is everything.  When we tell ourselves we can’t do something it will NOT be done.  PERIOD.

If you think you can’t, you won’t.

I have spoken these words for years with my own team of great women.  If your attitude is in the toilet, your business is in the toilet.  If you think you can’t stamp, you will probably never stamp. If you compare yourself to others it takes away all the joy you had for something.

Isn’t it amazing that when we want something SO bad, we will move a mountain to make things happen?

That’s my way of thinking, because attitude is everything.  If there is something out there that I want to do, or a new thing I want to try, I will work HARD to make it work.

Ahhh… Hard WORK.  That was the underlying truth that came out tonight.  Sometimes it takes hard work to see results.


Chest Out, Chin Up!

Tonight as I summed up my little heart to heart with my daughter my last words were- Chest Out, Chin Up!

In other words, stand tall with confidence and the right attitude. Keep your chin up in all the things you do.  Yes, you will have bad days and many falls.  The idea is to keep getting up and keep working hard.  You will soon see the results.

Obviously I need a quick fix on removing my kids smart phones from their sweet little hands too.

Let’s remember…

We can move mountains and accomplish great things with hard work.

If you are a crafter and you are struggling, I did too.  I kept working hard at it. Really hard!


One Last Thing… 

I could never leave without sharing a little something I created.  It’s not my favorite card at all, and it’s exactly why I’m going to share it.  Plus it had a mountain on the card and totally fit my conversation.  We can move mountains if we try and try again. Don’t give up and keep working hard.

Now, I really do have dirty dishes in the sink, laundry all over my living room floor and my stamp room looks like a storm rolled through.  I’m NOT kidding and keeping it REAL.


Chest Out, Chin Up, Stampin' Up!, Adventure Awaits


Chest Out, Chin Up, Stampin' Up!, Adventure Awaits

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Oh, The Places You Will Go for Pokemon

Oh, The Places You Will Go for Pokemon

Pokemon Go, have you heard about this latest craze?

When I noticed my Facebook feed lighting up with people chasing Pokemon, I had to do a little research.  It was pretty much all downhill from there.


Places You’ll Go

I’ve never been a Pokemon lover, but after playing with this silly app and watching my kids get outside and play I had a change of heart.  The real change of heart came yesterday while the Prince and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary at Panera Bread and he was catching Pokemon.


Now wait- I know this seems a bit crazy. The fact that we are having lunch and he’s shooting poke balls at invisible creatures.  I sat there holding my sides from the amount of laughing I was doing.  The craziest thing was the conversation started while OTHER people were doing the same thing next to us.  We were TALKING to strangers.


Game Changer!

Friends, this silly game that people are laughing at (myself included) is genius.

Russ and I are pretty social people and we will talk to anyone but on a normal day, sitting at a restaurant we would sit quietly, eat and leave.  Not this time. As he was playing his silly game and I was laughing, the people around us were doing the same thing. We started laughing together.  We started talking about the game.


This is where the game changer comes into play.  You see this game has special places (monuments) that you can collect poke balls and such (I don’t quite understand all of it) but these special places are churches.

We started to talk about this part of the game which led us to talking about the churches we attend which led to even more conversation. There was dialogue.  Folks, this doesn’t normally happen to us at a restaurant.

Social Game = Truly Social!

When Russ and I got back into our car (after catching many Pokemon of course) we sat and looked at each other giggling.  To sit in a restaurant where everyone minds their own business and no one speaks to each other and we just witnessed the opposite.  Not to mention as my kids were playing they had to walk OUTSIDE to catch these silly Pokemon things.  They had to MOVE.

Seriously, my kids (when home) sit on their devices and watch YouTube- all day if I let them. They were excited to walk around the block and farther to catch a Pokemon.  Wait… there is more.  There are other kids (and adults) outside doing the same thing.  Now they are being social. Actually talking to REAL LIVE people.


This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen…


Be Happy

I’ve already seen some negative postings about this silly game but I have to tell you, I’m kinda giddy.  I have found joy in watching these people catch Pokemon and be happy.  With so much sadness around the world lately, people are happy catching a Pokemon!

Let me tell you about happy…. This morning my husband woke up and as he walked into the kitchen his first statement to me was, “I just caught a Pokemon before my first cup of coffee! Today is going to be a great day!”  Mind you, I about spit out my coffee over the silliness of this but the day did turn out to be amazing. The fact that my 45 yr old husband is catching Pokemon that early is hysterical.

Yes, we need to be careful.  No, you shouldn’t  drive and catch Pokemon.  But lets not forget that the silly game is bringing happiness.  Lets not forget it’s getting kids to MOVE.  Yes, they might still have their devices, but at least they are outdoors.  At least they are conversing and having fun with other people.  Just be happy folks.  Life is SHORT.


Be Crafty!

When I’m not searching for Pokemon I can be crafty.  What better set than the Places You’ll Go stamp set?

Pokemon, Stampin' Up!



This stamp set rocks my crafty world.

First, the greetings.  They are fantastic and the fonts make me want to dance, a lot.  They are perfection. Look at how the letters flow!  AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Second, the globe.  I love love love vintage globes and own a few to many.  I love this globe and how creative you can be with it.



Tips & Tricks


Pokemon, Stampin' Up!


I didn’t want to take away too much from the images because I love them so much.  I did add a few of my favorite things to the globe.

  • The inside of the globe was colored using 3 sponge daubers and the following inks: Sahara Sand, Island Indigo, and Pool Party.  I wanted the effect of land and water.  Easy enough with a little sponging.
  • I added a very small piece of a Delicate Doily and Linen Thread.  I also added a button from our Classy Designer Buttons.
  • The Enamel Shapes are perfect for adding a small embellishment with a great WOW factor.

Pokemon, Stampin' Up!


Oh, the Places You Will Go…. 

If you are hunting Pokemon or just needing a fun card to encourage your Pokemon lover friends… this stamp set would be perfect.  You can shop online for this set HERE.  Just a few supplies are needed and you will be on your way to creating happiness.


Pokemon, Stampin' Up!


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