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Golden Christmas Trees

You know my love for all things gold so I couldn’t help but create golden Christmas trees.

The Peaceful Pines stamp set was perfect for this card and all the gold.  The trees are so classy, don’t you think?

We created this card at my Christmas Card class last week and it was a big hit.

Peaceful Pines stamp set, Stampin' Up!


The greeting for this card came from a favorite stamp set of mine I used last year at this time called Wondrous Wreath.  It’s still available and a beautiful set to use for Christmas.  I love this greeting for Christmas.

Peaceful Pines stamp set, Stampin' Up!


I placed a piece of vellum over the tree to give it a softer look and added a bit of ruffled paper to give it the Kimberly flair. My favorite part is the stapler. It holds it all together.

I’m heavy on the stapler these days.  Remember, I’m lazy so its just enabling me when I can use it.  HA HA HA.

Lastly, that Winter Wonderland Specialty DSP is perfection.  It’s classy with golds, black and whites. It’s super yummy!!

You can find all of the supplies below.

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PS- Your prayers were appreciated for Russ.  He did fantastic.  They had a great turnout of people to get the food and clothing.  Our hearts are full.  Hoping to go back in the summer and bring the kids again.

PSS- Today Alexis had an All County Band try out.  She didn’t think she did well.  I don’t know because I was stuck in the cafeteria with 250+ band students all playing their instruments at the same time doing their scales or playing music.  I needed my ear buds. I’m not sure I can hear anymore.


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Staying Put & A Winner!

Staying Put & A Winner!

I’m not sure where to start today.  I’m completely humbled from all of your comments.  I want to answer all of them…. it might take a little while but give me time.  
I’m blown away by how many of you took the time to comment.  I totally get busy lives, but your comments were so kindly written… I’m truly thankful.  

I guess the first thing I want to say is… I’m not going anywhere and blogging will always continue. Although there are many things I want to quit lately, blogging isn’t one of them.  It was great to hear from you because sometimes the silence is deafening.   However, I also know how busy life gets.  I pray everyday for it to slow down a bit and nothing has changed.  I’ll continue to pray about that. 

I was also relieved to see so many still read blogs.  I was really taken back when I had read that article.  I can see how other social media becomes popular because it’s faster and especially with today’s  craziness it makes life easier.  As one of you stated in  your comments it social media tends to lack the personal side.  Lord knows I have shared my own dirty laundry with you, a few times.  You’ve been up close and personal with me a few times.  

Truth be known, I want to write daily.  I have piles of stuff waiting to be shared with you.  I’m not kidding.  Some days it’s not a lack of time to write as it is the heart to write.  I love love love to share with you.  Honestly, I wish you were all here to actually stamp with me.  Wouldn’t that just be the best time EVER??? 

Over the last few months I think it’s been the hardest since Russ had his stroke.  We’re trying to find our way into a new normal.  Plus dealing with the onset of teenagers… let me stop there.  Don’t get me wrong, we have everything to be grateful for.  BUT… finding that new normal is SO not easy when you know how much of the normal has changed. It’s dealing with that change.  Somedays are so easy and others… well let’s just say it’s not.  It can be a very dark place.  A place I’m not use to and a place I don’t like.  

Of course if it wasn’t for my faith I’m sure my life would look much different.  Let me say this too… there are days I wonder where God is.  Why did this happen? What is He trying to teach me? Where can He use me? All of these things are constantly going on in my tiny little brain.  Scary, huh?? It’s when I ask God these things something crazy divine happens and I know once again He is right here with me and these crazy people in my house.  

Again, I’m truly thankful you are reading.  I am thankful that you love to create.  It’s a shared passion that you and I have.  I’m here to share it with you.  I have something pretty to share today and I even have a VIDEO.  (If you fell out of your chair I hope you are okay…)

Now to pretties… and a WINNER.  

Please give a BIG congrats to Peggy as she is our Blog Candy winner.  Peggy, please email me by clicking the contact me button at the top right with your snail address.  I’ll get some goodies off to you.  

Butterfly Basics, Patina Technique, Stampin' Up!

When I created this card I stumbled upon a little technique. I’m sure some one genius came up with this already as mine was purely a mistake.  But.. I loved the look after it was finished.  

It reminds me of Patina.  That aged look you can get on wood or metal. Kinda greenish, typically more of a bronze look… but today I’ll take it in GOLD.  

Butterfly Basics, Patina Technique, Stampin' Up!

You can see how I created it below in this short video…

Butterfly Basics, Patina Technique, Stampin' Up!
 Oh, and before we go….

When do teenagers care about the way they look? Especially boys? Thursday night Brandon went to bed with a t-shirt on backwards.  Friday when he came home from school he was wearing the same t-shirt still backwards.  Help me baby Jesus!!  The good news is he smelled great.  He loves his fancy cologne.  See, always something positive.  

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Heat Tool


Trendy Watercoloring

Trendy Watercoloring

You should hear all the tap tap tap my fingers have done over the last 3 days.  Getting in the groove of working feels like riding a bike.  You just jump on and GO.  

I have been typing away trying to get all things updated and with great success.  I’m literally sitting on a pile of beautiful projects just waiting to be shared.  A few of them you might have seen posted on Instagram or my Facebook page.  Many were so exciting to create that we couldn’t wait to share with you.  

One of the things I strived to do when Cathy was visiting was to use many stamp sets that were being neglected.  I wanted them USED.  

Believe it or not, The Tap, Tap, Tap stamp set was a neglected stamp set.  Funny how it was on my first list of must haves yet I let it sit and collect dust.  I’m proud to say it’s been broke in.  
Tap, Tap, Tap stamp set, Stampin' Up!, Embossing
You know me and layers.  The more the merrier and this card is not lacking at all.  

Tap, Tap, Tap stamp set, Stampin' Up!, EmbossingThis card has lots of little features but my fav is the watercoloring on the typewriter. Watercolor is HUGE right now.  

Do you like to watercolor? 

Want to know a secret? 

There are no mistakes when you watercolor.  Missing a spot of ink looks good.  Going outside the lines… looks good. It’s all GOOD!  Break out the watercolor paper and play.  

Confession and a BIG secret. Yes, I have a BIG secret to tell you.  

SO, I ran out of Stampin’ Up! watercolor paper the other day.  It was quite tragic since Cathy and I were in the midst of a Watercolor CRAZE. When you get in that kind of groove you can’t stop.  Although Stampin’ Up! has next day shipping I utilize enough they did NOT have next HOUR shipping.  

So… I ran to the store that people wear their pajamas to shop around.  Let’s just say this… IF Stampin’ Up! had provided an option for next HOUR shipping  I would have paid for it to get our Watercolor Paper.  You get what you pay for. Stampin’ Up!’s watercolor paper is superb over what I bought.  Needless to say a QUICK order was placed and I’m patiently waiting for the golden Watercolor Paper.  Need some? Please, save yourself a trip!  Get the good stuff HERE.  

The Vellum banner has a hint of Gold embossing powder.  I love adding a touch of gold.  The kicker is the Gold thread in my sewing machine right now.  Cathy and I plowed through THAT thread with lots of love. 

Tap, Tap, Tap stamp set, Stampin' Up!, Embossing
Things to Remember:

 Stamps in the Mail Registration is Open!  Learn more HERE.
Sale-A-Bration is in FULL swing.  The FREE products are amazing.  Don’t miss out on these beautiful items.  See them all HERE.

Have a SUPER amazing day!


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Heat Tool


Almost left out my favorite product.  Hello You Thinlits Dies  Make sure to check them out.  AWESOME.

Hi There | Stampin’ Up!

Hi There | Stampin’ Up!

Hi There Stamp Set, Stampin' Up!
Hi there stampin’ friends.  

I’ll talk about my card in just a bit.  First a little update. 

I’ve been completely off the charts sporadic lately and thought I would give you an update.  

First, the puppy!  Oh Brin.  She is like having a newborn in the house.  We are totally in love with her and giving her extra special attention as she has been a bit ill.  Nothing that medicine can’t cure.  We took her to the vet days after rescuing her and low and behold our sweet doggie has mange and hook worms.  <insert scared face!>

The vet was awesome and told us that these were both pretty normal for where she came from and once treated our doggie would be fine.  We’ve started her on her medicine and already can see a little difference in how she acts.  She was pretty pitiful.  The mange I can totally handle which thank God is the kind that humans cannot contract.  

The hook worm… oh geez.  Who knew this nurse could be grossed out in a Mississippi second? 

Alexis was playing with Brin the other night when she ran in with a horrified face… “Mom!  Come quick.  There is a worm coming out of Brin where it shouldn’t be!”  Me: “Alexis, where is the worm?”  Alexis: “I don’t know.  It fell.”  Me: WHAT???????

Needless to say at 11pm at night I was vacuuming the house from top to bottom.  I was in a panic.  Not kidding.  Actually, it was a true southern Hissy Fit.  

I’m happy to report that we think we are done with the hook worms but she is still on medication and I am vigilant about her getting it.  

Overall this dog is the sweetest ever.  We attend puppy training on Monday’s and because she is a hound she is not really interested.  She is more concerned about everything in the pet store.  She sniffs everything.  

We are planning on working with a private trainer as I want Russ to be able to walk her without her taking Russ for a tumble.  The other day she took off with me and it looked like Brin was flying a kite with ME as the kite.  What a sight.  I can only imagine what our neighbors think.  

In other news…  the Navy has now started the process of looking to see if Russ can continue with his Navy career or will they make him retire.  Russ would like to continue his orders here in Pensacola for the next two years and then retire.  I am praying that the Navy will feel the same way.  Will you say a little prayer for us? 

Seeing the Navy neurologist sparked a bit of a bummer moment for Russ.  He has done so well with his therapy and come so far.  The neurologist told him that only 2% live after having a stroke like his.  The one thing he said to Russ that was a slap in the face – You will not fully recover. <insert MAD face!>

While I realize this MD was doing his job and he is a Doctor, who really knows what his recovery will be? You can speculate but saying that really made me angry and Russ very down.  

So… I had to have a pep talk with Russ.  We do NOT let other people define who we are.  No Sir!  We define who we are.  Nor will we let this man DEFEAT his progress.  It’s been 9 months.  Each day we see more and more progress.  It’s small, but it’s progress.  He is determined and I will support that determination.  

Meanwhile, I continue to remind Russ how amazing he is and how far he has come.  He is a miracle.  

There you have the main update of what is going on here.  Kids are great in school.  Loving it.  After school activities are starting back up again.  They are busy busy.  Me, I’m just a taxi.  A happy taxi.  

If you lasted this long I  hope you can stay a minute longer for my card.  

Hi There Stamp Set, Stampin' Up!
I love embossing powder.  There is something magical about watching that powder melt after stamping it.  

I used the Word Bubble framelits and loved stitching a few of them on.  These were literally a QUICK stitch.  Totally random places as well.  

I added a few stars and sequins and then my greeting… “Hey!”  I love the Hi There stamp set for the great fonts used.  

Hi There Stamp Set, Stampin' Up!

I also used my new Stapler from the Holiday Mini Catalog.  Oh I love this little stapler. They are tiny staples and so so fun!!  

You can see all the products I used in the links below.  

Thanks for listening and have a SUPER great Labor Day weekend.  


Product List

Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

Project Life, Pursuit of Happiness, Stampin' Up!

There is no doubt that we have found our happiness here in Iowa.  It’s been a fantastic vacation so far. A serious PAUSE.


It’s so RARE for me to just sit and do nothing.  Especially on vacation.  Don’t you find that vacation is always CRAZY busy? 


I’ve learned a few things about myself during this RESTFUL vacation:

  • I need to do this more often.  Laying around in your pajama’s reading a book is OKAY!
  • Napping during the day TWICE is incredible.  Napping never happens in real life.
  • Sitting on the front porch drinking my coffee with NOTHING around isn’t as boring as I thought it would be.

My in-laws live in the country.  Neighbors are not close and corn fields are plentiful.  I’m a city girl so country living has never appealed to me- EVAH! However, just sitting outside watching the clouds go by or watching the birds feed their babies in the bird houses has been good for my soul.  It’s quiet.  It’s given my brain time to chill.  


Sunday we had a family “unplug” day.  I was dreading the upcoming event.  Seriously… no phone in my hand? I cannot think of the last time I went without looking at my phone in a 30 minute interval.  I know, it’s sad but I am telling you the truth.  


The good news- I survived and so did the kids.  My church small group was given the challenge because we *always* say we are so busy. This was a serious challenge for the kids and I.  This was easy peasy for Russ.  



Waking up on Sunday morning the kids acted as if we had forgotten about the challenge and instantly picked up their electronic devices.  They found out quickly we remembered and it was time to pick up a book or play outside.  I found myself a little anxious not being able to pick up my phone and get the morning *news*- Facebook news.  Sad, I thought to myself.  



After attending church that morning we came home and the four of us starred at each other for a bit.  The kids dove into the books they had purchased before the trip and I did the same.  Russ was a happy camper spending time with his dad outdoors.  


It wasn’t long when Alexis and I were sitting on the bed just having a quiet conversation.  Brandon soon joined us.  It was a moment I didn’t want to end.  Their sweet conversations was heartwarming.  Why don’t we do this more often? 


In our pursuit for happiness that day (which we really didn’t think could happen without electronics) we found ourselves completely rested and the day was fantastic.  It was a great PAUSE for each of us.  


The kids have continued to enjoy the country life and went horseback riding yesterday.  It was another exciting day for them.  

Pursuit of Happiness


My card share for today could not have been more perfect to describe my day.  This Project Life card from our Everyday Adventures Project Life by Stampin’ Up! is one I would love to frame.  Just as a simple reminder. 

Project Life, Pursuit of Happiness, Stampin' Up!


I simply adhered the Project Life card onto Basic Black cardstock and then another smaller card (3 x 4) on top of that one.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the feather.  The feather comes from My Digital Studio and was exported as a SVG file and then imported into my Silhouette software. 


Once the feather was cut I embossed the tip only using Gold Embossing powder and then adhered it onto the card front using dimensionals.  


If you are not a big card maker but are looking to have a few handmade cards readily available, try using a Project Life by Stampin’ Up! card set.  You can make fast and easy cards that are beautiful in minutes.  The artwork is fantastic and you may find yourself framing a few pieces like I want to.  


You can see the products I used for this card below.  Just click the picture and it will take you directly to my Online Store and you can purchase.  


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