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Artisan Design Team- WHAT?

Artisan Design Team- WHAT?

There are a million things going on in my mind tonight as I write this post.

This weekend was a whirlwind.  Complete whirlwind.  The On Stage event was amazing and while the presentations were fantastic and the catalog was amazing …hands down the best is always seeing my team and friends from all over the United States.


Getting together with your friends is just spectacular and add in the crafting it makes it 500% better.


Then something else spectacular happened.  Something unexpected.


Artisan Design Team, Stampin' Up!

I could feel every ounce of blood pumping as my heart raced.  My name up on the big screen for Artisan Design Team? WHAT?

The process….

Where do I begin? Remember back in April or so when I fell off the crafting cliff because I snuggled up into a depression cocoon? That was around the time frame for demonstrators to enter their submissions for the Artisan Design Team.  I thought about entering, but during that time frame I had put every ounce of my energy to finding Kimberly again.  Believe me, it took every ounce of energy I had.


While being an Artisan has always been a dream of mine, sometimes God has a different plan.  I felt that He was leading me to just heal after so much had happened and I did.  I put 100% into myself which I had NOT been doing.


Being selected by Stampin’ Up! was God’s plan and I am humbled they chose me.

How Did This Happen? 

It makes me giggle when I think back to 13 years ago when I first started stamping.  I had never heard of stamping or Stampin’ Up!.  I knew that what I had seen in their catalog was awesome and I wanted all of it.  I was the girl who loved stationary and pens after all.  This “stamping thing” was right up my alley.

Once I received my starter kit I had NO clue what I was doing but I didn’t care. The box was filled with pretty things that made my heart go pitter patter! I stamped what I wanted and back then there was NO inspiration except their beautiful catalog. I was just excited and wanted to share with everyone what I created.  This still holds true today!

My First Card…

I can remember going to a demonstrator meeting and putting my card in a contest.  Again, I thought it was smashing and for sure a winner.  While I am sure it wasn’t in the eyes of others (I could tell a few didn’t like my card) I honestly didn’t care.  I loved it because I created it.  I knew that Stampin’ Up! and I were now an item… the rest is really history.


Artisan Design Team, Stampin' Up!

Artist, Who Me?

Why am I sharing this with you?


Because I want you to believe in yourself.  Who in the world would have thought THIS girl would become an Artisan? Truly, not me.  It was over time, lots of trial and error, lots of copying others, lots of projects in the trash, LOTS and LOTS of TRYING, that in TIME it would flow on it’s own.


Funny thing… I’m still learning, still inspired by others and STILL lots of projects fall into the trash.  I’m still trying all the time.  It’s just part of the creative process of an artist.  And GUESS what?  We are all artists when we get to use the amazing tools Stampin’ Up! provides.


13 years ago I never would have put the word “artist” behind my name.  Today, I do feel like an artist because Stampin’ Up! has given me the tools.   These are tools that anyone can feel like an artist to uplift and inspire others. Tools I’m sure you have at your fingertips.  YOU are an artist, never let anyone tell you differently.

Overwhelmed & Gratitude

I’m overwhelmed.  I don’t know how else to explain it.  I’m overwhelmed with your kind words. Dang. It all started with the Birthday Giveaway from last week (winner to be announced today!) and then lots of interaction between my blog, Facebook and my Facebook Fan page over Artisan.   I honestly wish I could have a big gathering and invite all of you over to have coffee.  We could sit for hours and chat, laugh, cry, pray.  I know that it would be a glorious day.

I don’t think my dream of gathering is too far fetched.  I picture you right now with your coffee in hand and you are listening intently like you always do. So let me share a few pictures with you from Saturday.

I received a beautiful decorated gift box from Stampin’ Up! It was so beautiful I didn’t want to open it.

Artisan Design Team, Stampin' Up!

Then I opened the box and a loud squeal happened….

These two beautiful pieces where tucked inside.

Artisan Design Team, Stampin' Up!

The fact that they didn’t misspell my name is pretty amazing AND the fact they didn’t use my nickname…

“deep in trouble” was more amazing. <grin>


This little stamp… sigh…. I’m grateful.

Artisan Design Team, Stampin' Up!


I’m not sure about you but my coffee pot is now empty.  It’s time for me to get my day started.  My bestie is here for this week and we have a lot of creating to do.

If you are new to Stampin’ Up!, check out the amazing products that we have in my Online Store.  YOU can be an artist.  We have the tools.

Want to start your own journey with Stampin’ Up!?  Click HERE to learn more about the amazing Starter Kit and how you can do this too. There is NO obligation but there it IS a lot of fun and you will love my team of amazing demonstrators.

I’ll leave you with this today…

Remember God’s timing is not our own timing.  Remember to continue to believe in yourself and make something pretty!!