Finally DONE!

I guess I should start out by telling you our "facilities" were fixed in the house and everything is flowing now… literally!


We finally had a decent plumber show up on Thursday.  When he rang my doorbell I started the conversation with… "I could kiss YOU! Thank God you are here I couldn't handle another hour of this mess!"  Me and Mr. Plumber got along perfectly and he had the "clog" gone in a matter of 15 minutes.  I spent the next SIX hours cleaning my bathrooms with FIRE.  Remember, I'm a major germaphobe!  I went through an entire bottle of bleach and my entire house smells clean.  


Now that we have that behind us and we can move forward it became busy again with contractors at the house.  The biggest accomplishment was the finishing of the pool.  I have enjoyed every process as they have built it.  They said it would be 4-5 weeks until completion and they were right on target.  It's been 5 weeks.  I smiled so much Thursday and Friday as I watched them complete it that my cheeks ached.  


It took forever to fill the crazy thing and I didn't sleep much Thursday night with fear of it overflowing.  I'm not sure why I had those feelings as it took 15 hours to fill it.  Yikes.  Of course as the pool is filling we started to get texts saying there was a tropical storm coming.  WHAT?????? Oh my geez.  


As it turns out the Tropical Storm was nothing.  Not a hair out of place from wind.  Just a little rain.  The kids were in the pool the entire weekend and even in the rain.  There was nothing stopping them.  


Since day one of breaking ground on the pool Russ said when it was completed we would get a picture of all 4 of us jumping in.  When we discussed this 4 weeks ago I was totally onboard.  Then once the pool was complete and I stuck my big toe in the water… Ummm… FREEZING.  Russ was not taking no for an answer so I had to suck it up.  


The bad news for Russ is that little jump cost him a pool heater.  The pool guy will be talking to me today on costs and which kind WILL be going in.  I do not do cold water.  PERIOD.  The kids could care less.  They never complained about being cold.  Not me.  


In other house news… I started working on the other half of my craft room.  You would think this entire process would be complete but it's taking WAY longer than expected.  This room is a nightmare as well.  It will hold mostly my sewing machines, Big Bad Cutter and a table for a Big Shot.  That's just a small piece of what's going in it.  There is a TON more.  How did I accumalate so much fun stuff?  The next few days will be spent getting that set up and then I'll shoot more pics of the process.  

Here are a few pics of my office where I create…

Stamp room image


I'll shoot a little video once the other side is complete too.  Everything is coming together.  Taking forever, but coming together. 

I've got all kinds of projects in the works but nothing completed.  I guess it's the combination of so much that still needs to be done that gives me the lack of energy to complete a papercrafting project along with the "where do I start" attitude.  Really, this is not like me.  Normally I jump right in without a problem.  I think it's a case of "too much stuff, where to begin!"

I do have one thing to share today.  Heather and I continue to share our free weekly MDS challenge and post to our Facebook Group.  You can find the challenge group HERE and I hope you will join in the fun.  This week we  have a sketch for you.  I love a sketch because most of the work is done for me.  Here is our sketch for the week: 

My Digital Studio, MDS

Here is my layout for this sketch…

My digital Studio, MDS

Be sure to check out Heather's page today! It's OH SO CA-UTE!!!  Click HERE to see!!

Lastly, a huge thanks for all the sweet comments on my latest disaster.  I appreciate all of them and they made me smile and laugh.  The good news for me is I did some GREAT shopping last week during the potty crisis.  Sadly for Russ the potty crisis was a big expense.  How could I go wrong? Target had a great potty, great shopping and of course Starbucks.  PERFECT.  

Here is a picture of my best buy from last week.  Meet Big Ed.  

EdLOVE him!

Have a PERFECT day!!



  1. Kimberly, So glad all is finally in order. I get laughed at as I like my pool warm.  Make sure to get a pool cover and the roller thing, helps to keep the heat in at night (you'd be amazed at how much heat it loses when not covered and invest in a solar pool heater.  We have a pool heater too but use the solar 95% of the time, You got sunshine, might as well harness it!  Happy stamping,


  2. Glad things are better 🙂 Love your craft room. It's sooooooooooooo big. I agree Kimberly, I don't like freezing water either. So much for living in Florida, October and you are jumping into a pool. LOL That coming from a New England gal. 🙂

  3. So happy your plumbing is back to order! Wish I had a pool, but I’d have had to close it by now up here in Massachusetts! Good luck getting the rest of the craft room ready! <3

  4. I laughed out loud at the new addition to your car!  Gotta love target!  Good luck!  It will all come together!

  5. I've been enjoying reading about your adventures. I felt for you when I read about your plumbing issues and couldn't imagine what it must have been like to ask total strangers to use their shower. Definitely a test to see who are going to be great neighbors, and who is not. I didn't give it a second thought, until days later, our plumbing did pretty much the same thing. Then I was in the same situation, oh the creativity, and I'm not talking paper & stamps. Thankfully I didn't have to wait as long for a plumber but maybe it's because I was talking to a man and he could hear that I was on the verge of tears. And you know how men hate to be around a crying woman. Your studio is coming around nicely, very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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