A Look Into My World

A Look Into My World

I realize this post is LONG overdue but once I give you a peek into my world you will fully understand.  It’s been about priorities lately.  

While I keep my priorities intact, it’s not always fun and many of the great things I love to do get pushed to the side.  I am a FIRM believer in knowing what my priorities look like and it’s always been God first, family second and career third.  My team of great ladies hear this often from me.  Always keep your priorities intact.  

Over the last month I’ve traveled more than I have in a year.  I figured the time was right and I always look forward to traveling.  Ummm… I was a bit mistaken.  

Traveling looks much different today than last year.  While the Prince is coming along beautifully there are still many things that he cannot do yet.  He tries, oh believe me… he tries.  Prepping before I travel is nothing compared to the things that need to be done after I come home.  I have come to the conclusion that a 5 day trip = 10 days of catch up when I get home.  This also equals exhaustion. 

Let me tell you this- there is NO such thing as super woman.  PERIOD.  

My travel dates have been super exciting.  Founders was the first trip and oh my it was the BEST time.  I don’t know what it was about this particular year but I had a fantastic time.  Maybe it was the amount of gratitude I had being there.  Grateful to my customers. Grateful to my team.  Truly grateful for being able to have this amazing opportunity with Stampin’ Up!  It’s not a hobby for me.  It’s my job and I love it.  

We were spoiled at Founders.  We always get spoiled.  The best part was seeing friends I don’t see often and enjoying their company.  Special moments indeed.  

Coming home to see the little family is always exciting too.  Of course don’t tell anyone but I was so excited to see my dog, Brin.  I am in love with this crazy dog.  The Prince and the kids did a good job keeping up with the house but once I got home I had  A LOT of catching up to do AND planning for the next trip that was the first week of October to Colorado Springs.  Getting on the plane heading to Denver was a true blessing as I immediately fell asleep.  

Once in Colorado I stayed with my best friend Cathy.  We ran our tails off the first 3 days getting ready for the big Breast Cancer event- Stampin for a Cure.  This event is such a huge blessing and the 7th year (I think) we’ve done it.  Raising money for the local Colorado Springs women stricken with Breast Cancer.  The last I heard we raised $4500.  That’s incredible.  

One of the special moments that day was meeting a new friend- Jeannette.  She has come to our event for many years but this time she came so we could support HER!  She has breast cancer.  My heart sank.  This was a moment I didn’t want to come.  I knew at some point that one of the beautiful ladies attending would come back with Breast Cancer.  The statistics are staggering with 1 and 8 women that will have it.  

We showered her and her sweet daughter with love. I’ve been praying for her and her family.  She is one STRONG beautiful lady.  I hope you can lift her in your prayers as well.  

After the event we celebrated as a team at dinner. It’s amazing to see the friendships within this group.  Really amazing woman.  Cathy and I went home that night and started crafting and could feel our eyelids needing toothpicks to stay open.  We crashed!!  It was all good.  The next day we crafted a total of 13 hours straight.  Now that is F U N!!

Since that trip I’ve felt like I’ve been running a race and I’m in last place.  WE are BUSY.  Here are just a few of the things going on….

  • Alexis made the gymnastics team.  Great news but more hours to be spent at the gym.  
  • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts typically have lots going on in October. Camping trips, Award Ceremonies…. many things that need prep work. 
  • Not one, but TWO bible studies.  Yes… over committed but I do love each of them.  One just ended today and it’s a little sad.  
  • Struggling teenager on relationship building and a Prince who struggles more!
  • The Navy! There is not much more to say except we are waiting on what happens next.  Russ has been working out big time at home to take the physical readiness test coming up.  His goal is to pass this and prove to Mr. Doctor that he is WRONG.  This can be an emotional roller coaster.  Think about this… have you ever had something you’re working really hard on but then hear a little voice inside telling you that you CAN’T do this? Welcome to my Prince’s brain.  One minute working out hard the next wondering if this is the right thing to do.  I believe the outcome will surprise him. Hard work pays off.  Russ is a testimony to this.  
  • Good news! Russ doesn’t have to drive to Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy anymore. He graduated.  
  • Bad news!  Russ has to motivate himself at home to do his Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  This is NOT an easy task.  
  • The dog… Oh my word!  I know she isn’t the 4 pound Chihuahua we had but WOW.  50 pounds of love and she want’s it ALL the time.  No sooner do I get started on something she wants my attention.  She is a sweetheart. 
  • Youth Group, Science Olympia, Small Group are a big part of our week.  ALWAYS on the go.  
I’m exhausted just writing all of that.  This is just the NORMAL stuff.  Not the crazy that happens to creep in.  

I’m slowly working on a long list of To Do’s on my desk.  I’ve made a huge dent in them this past week and hoping to really knock them out after I get back from this next trip… YES. Traveling one more time.  I’m headed to Orlando this Thursday to demonstrate at a Demonstrator gathering.  I am really excited as my mom is traveling with me.  We will make it a girls weekend too.  I can’t wait.  

I’ve learned a great lesson during all of this.  I love to live life to the fullest and I don’t want to miss out on anything.  It’s not a bad way of life, but I learned that while you love life don’t overwhelm yourself so much that the joy gets sucked out of it during it.  Yikes.  

Time for me to get my big project done prior to this next travel date.  Stamps in the Mail is due this week.  It’s a fun stamping week for my members.  

Stick with me.  I do have lots to share.  I have been stamping.  <smile>  Hopefully you follow my Facebook group which I keep updated with fun projects.  

Here is one of my favorite projects we made at my club recently.  A very simple clean shaker card.  I love this framelits- Wonderful Wreath Framelits Die. WOWSA!!

Joy Stampin' Up!, Christmas
You can see all of the supplies used for this card below.  

KV10CARD 2 (1)
The new Holiday Supplement is LIVE.  There are gorgeous products available in the Supplement.  Check out all of the fun products HERE.  

Weekly deals for the WEEK: 
Weekly Deals Stampin' Up!

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Festival of Trees | Stampin’ Up!

Festival of Trees | Stampin’ Up!

From the looks of Pinterest and many other galleries, we could guess that Festival of Trees is one of the more popular stamp sets from the Holiday Catalog from Stampin’ Up!

Festival of Trees has a coordinating punch that makes your cardmaking FAST and fun.  Even better, a great card to create Christmas cards when you are creating a BUNCH! 

Festival of Trees, Stampin' Up!


That’s one of the reasons I love this set.  There are plenty of tree options. 

Festival of Trees, Stampin' Up!

You can have the real Christmas tree or make it more of a modern or even VINTAGE look.  Either way Stampin’ Up! gave plenty of options.

Festival of Trees, Stampin' Up!
This card has lots of options too.  This was one of my club cards this month and we were working with a few new products. 

Decorative Masks

Quite possibly one of the least expensive things in the Stampin’ Up! idea book and catalog and they can create such a difference on any project. 

The decorative mask is essentially a stencil.  Place it over your cardstock, then using a sponge dauber and ink lightly press through the masked area to create a stunning background. 

For the card above I used the Hearts & Stars Decorative Mask with Whisper White ink.  Notice I kept the stencil close to the focal point of the card.  I just wanted a dab of stars.  I love the look it created. 

Keeping with the star theme texture emboss the Kraft Cardstock (in love with this cardstock!)  with the Lucky Stars Texture Embossing Folder.  WAHOO. Love how that all comes together. 


Festival of Trees, Stampin' Up!
The Holiday Catalog gives so many great ideas to embellish our projects.  Sequins, snowflakes, and don’t forget our glitter.  So many GREAT options!

Lastly, this is a photopolymer stamp set making 2 stamp stamping a breeze each and every time. 

If Festival of Tree’s is on  your wish list, get it today and start creating beautiful projects with this perfect set. 

Don’t forget the GREAT deals going on this week at Stampin’ Up! 

I’m packing up  the stamp room again  for a fun crafting weekend at my church.  2 days of crafting! It doesn’t get any better than this. 

Have a GREAT weekend.


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Wondrous Wreath Stampin’ up!

Wondrous Wreath Stampin’ Up!

Attention to those who are NOT fussy cutters.  The Wondrous Wreath Framelits Die  will rock your world.  

Wondrous Wreath is a fantastic bundle that you can pair with the Wonderful Wreath Framelits Dies and have a perfect wreath each time.  I love this bundle and I’m a fussy cutter kind of gal too.  

Now, considering my ZERO time lately as I taxi the kids around, this bundle was perfect.  Fast stamping and die cutting.  Can you get excited about something like that? 

I also love how this card can be so elegant for Christmas.  

Wondrous Wreath stamp set, Bundle, Stampin' Up!

Wondrous Wreath Bundle 
Look how gorgeous that “Joy” framelit die comes out in Gold. 

Take a peek at this great bundle together: 
Wondrous Wreath Bundle Stampin' Up! Wondrous Wreath Bundle Stampin' Up! Wondrous Wreath Bundle Stampin' Up!Tip: when using the thin word framelits such as the JOY seen above, try using Wax Paper over the framelit then your cardstock.  I find the paper comes out much easier when using this method.  

Wondrous Wreath stamp set, Bundle, Stampin' Up!

As you begin the planning for your handmade Christmas cards, consider this one on the list.  It’s sure to be a wow card when opened in homes across the world this year.  

See the products used for this card below.  

Good things coming!

I can’t go into detail right now but let me tell you that you want to be alert to many great things coming down the pike from Stampin’ Up!  

If Christmas is your SEASON or  you just love to create, you do not want to miss out on my 12 Weeks of Christmas beginning on October 1st.  It’s easy to receive.  Just make sure you are on my email mailing list.  Sign up box to the right.  If you are seeing this message via an RSS feed, make sure to come directly to my website to sign up!  It’s going to be a fun surprise every WEEK for 12 WEEKS!!

To view all products used on today’s project, click the arrow. 

ATTENTION!!  New Feature making your experience here on my website even better.  To the left of the products used carousel you will see a button for the Supply List used for this card.  Click and download this PDF for future use when recreating the project. 
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Handmade Halloween Cards

Handmade Halloween Cards

I realize not everyone is crazy as I am about Halloween but I did have a little binge of handmade Halloween card making.  

I always go a little crazy when it comes to Halloween because I love every stamp set that Stampin’ Up! puts out when it comes to Halloween.  

I also have GRAND ideas for party favors, invites and candy treats that I must make.  There is a problem though.  I can never get my collective ACT together to make the fun stuff and HAVE the party.  

Dang, what is wrong with me? 

Okay, don’t answer that.  When I tell you later about the latest Van Deep in Troubles Saga you will know exactly what is wrong with me.  

So, the point of my discussion today is to share a little handmade Halloween card and inspire YOU.  Remember, if you decide to have  a party… invite me.  

Tee-Hee-Hee stamp set

Oh golly Bill,  this is the CA-UTEST stamp set. Check this stamp set out: 

Tee-Hee-Hee stamp set, Stampin' Up!
Take note- If you are not into fussy cutting, this stamp set might not be for you.  However, these images do fit into many of Stampin’ Up! punches making your work load much easier.  

Tee-Hee-Hee stamp set, Stampin' Up!
I think I fell in love with the colors of this card before I did the actual card.  Many of my favorite inks were used on this card- Coastal Cabana, Tangelo Twist, and Blackberry Bliss.  

Tee-Hee-Hee stamp set, Stampin' Up!
I used the Gorgeous Grunge stamp set for the background.  Perfect stamp set for a Halloween card, don’t you think? 

The sentiment CRACKS me up and the witches shoes are perfect.  Of course being the vintage junky I am I had to add a little of the beautiful Venetian Trim to the card.  Who said Halloween had to be all modern? ha ha ha ha (my witch laugh!)

You can view all the products for this card at the end of this post.  

Van Deep in Trouble Update!

Seriously, it must be that time of year when all things must go wrong.  

While nothing can pale in comparison to last years debacles, the last two days have been a fun adventure.  Funny how I leave for a little vacation and WHAM it all hits at once.  

Mr. Prince (I added the Mr. because I’m not happy with him!) is in trouble!  Since we got our dog we decided to go ahead and put a fence up.  Being that Brin is a big dog she needs a place to run like a mad woman.  

Being the man that Mr. Prince is he decided that he would build the fence with the help of friends and neighbors.  Awesome.  I can’t tell him no… this is a male pride issue.  You don’t mess with those kind of things.  I get that.  

The problem is that Mr. Prince is EXHAUSTED.  It doesn’t take long to wear him out.  He has been more of a supervisor on the fence job than anything but none the less, he is beat being in the Florida sun trying to go back and forth with a wheelbarrow from the front yard to the back yard.  I am terribly grateful to the men that have helped us and included Russ in the work.  It just sucks to see him so tired from what he is doing.  

Houston… we have a LARGE problem.  The neighbor came over with his platt and told Russ he thinks the posts that he put in are too far onto his property.  When the posts were staged this same neighbor told Russ it looked great.  We couldn’t find our platt and went by the neighbors word.  Now that all the posts are CEMENTED in, the wife found the platt and we are definitely too far into the neighbors yard.  Ummmm… like 3 feet too much.  

It’s at this point I wanted to cry.  Really have a BIG ONE.  The neighbor has been very cordial and obviously this has to be fixed.  We don’t intend to take over their portion of the yard.  BUT… can you say “WHAT a MESS??”  

Today we called a professional fence man to come give us estimates on taking the cemented posts out.  I would like to have him finish the entire thing but once again I’m not messing with the male ego thing.  No way Jose.  This added expense and not to mention all the free labor that has occurred over the last two weekends makes me want to do the UGLY cry.  I know that next year this time we will 
laugh a little but right now I can’t believe the whole thing.  

As if that wasn’t enough…. I was in my stamp room tonight and with all my lights (you would think I was blind as a bat with the 5 lamps I have turned to my stamping area) putting out heat I was starting to sweat bullets over creating a card.  I could hear the air conditioner going.  Once I looked at the thermostat I knew we had a problem.  We were pushing 80 degrees in the house.  Anything over 74 and I’m sweating like a ……… well I’m not going to finish that sentence but you get my drift.  

Mr. Prince said our condenser froze up.  As I type I am sweating while we wait for the frozen area to unthaw.  All the windows are open and their is a slight breeze coming through.  If there had to be any night this could happen I’m glad tonight was the chosen one.  It’s actually in the high 60’s.  WOW.  Fall is really here.  

As you can see its been a crazy day.  These things will eventually be fixed and we will carry on with our normal crazy life.  I’ve learned nothing is normal here but we are super grateful for what appears to be normal.  
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Stampin’ Up! Christmas Tag Ideas

Stampin’ Up! Christmas Tag Ideas

I could barely wait to share the most amazing handmade Stampin’ Up! Christmas Tag ideas with you!!!  These were beautifully displayed in the gathering room at Founders Circle.  If you follow my Facebook Page you may have scrolled through them but seriously, these area  must see.  

First, I have to tell you that Founders Circle was amazing this year.  It was a Christmas theme which at first I was a little perplexed.  How would they pull this off? 

Oh goodness… Why do I even THINK Stampin’ Up! would have a problem?  Ha.  

They were over the top with this theme and I’ve never been inspired so much to decorate and create for the holidays like I am now.  They have me in the CHRISTMAS spirit.  Yes, I’m singing too!

Get ready to be inspired with these handmade Christmas tags.  

Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas Handmade Christmas Tags, Stampin' Up!, Christmas

We all know that Stampin’ Up! does an amazing job with their displays but HOLY COW these were fantastic.  I was in awe with the beautiful artwork of tags.  Oh, and the candy.  Not going to lie.  

Almost all of these gorgeous tags were made from products in our NEW Holiday Catalog.  If you have not received one and would like one please email me.  

My FAVORITE one is the trees wrapped with twine.  What a genius idea.  The the addition of the buttons, SQUEAL.  So gorgeous.  

Will you be making your Christmas Tags? Look no further for great products. Make your tags this year using Stampin’ Up!’s Christmas theme.   Click HERE to view the Holiday Catalog and see what you can create using these great products.  Don’t delay and start today.  

I’ll be sharing more amazing photos of Founders this week.  Don’t miss out on some VERY cute ideas.  


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