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Paper Pumpkin


Half Off Your First 2 Months!

Yes, that’s right.  Time is ticking away and there are only a few days left of this amazing Paper Pumpkin offer.  If you have never signed up for Paper Pumpkin, a first time subscriber can receive 50% off their first 2 months.  That’s an incredible savings for an amazing product that comes to your door.



Why Paper Pumpkin?

One of the reasons why I love paper pumpkin is the ability to create and not have to think.  Yes.  I’ve told you before what a lazy stamper I am and this provides me the opportunity to create something simple yet adorable and quickly.

The theme is different each month.  It’s a wonderful surprise to get in the mail and see what the stamp set is and ink color(s) I will get to work with.

You have to keep in mind it’s simple.  It will take you max 30 minutes to create and super fun for the beginning stamper.  I tell you simple because if you are an advanced stamper you might think it’s not for you.  Have you ever thought of it this way-

  • what if you invited a friend over to create it with you? Building relationships over crafting is not just fun , it’s therapeutic.
  • what if you needed a craft to do on an overnight trip? -or- vacation? Paper pumpkin fits perfectly safe in a suitcase.
  • what if you haven’t created in a long while but would love to get back to it? You may not be sure where to start? Paper pumpkin is perfect.  It gets your creative juices flowing and your ready to tackle the next creative project.

Why Subscribe Under Kimberly?

Honestly, I’ll be happy if you are subscriber under anyone BUT… I do have a perk you might like if you decide to subscribe under me.

Each month I provide up to 12 projects that you can do with the stamp set and materials you are given.  YES.  These are over the top projects.  For instance… below is a sneak peek of what my subscribers are getting this month.



Sneak Peek PP August

I’m going to share a little project teaser with you today as well.

Here is a bonus project that you can make using the supplies from the August kit.  You can also download the project instructions: Paper Pumpkin August Bonus Project.

If you like what you see and you are ready to grab a subscription for yourself, Click HERE to get started or the link below.  Remember, your first 2 months are HALF OFF.

Important: Just use the promo code: HALFOFF.

 Join Now!

Bonus Project Paper Pumpkin

 Hope you enjoy and have an AWESOME day.


Thankful Forest Friends

Thankful Forest Friends

While you might not be actual FOREST friends, I would like to thank you for being my friends.


Some people say that you cannot build relationships over the internet and I have to say it’s NOT true.  I built some of the most cherished friendships over the internet and they will be lifelong friends.  The only regret is not being able to physically give you a hug or sit and have coffee together.


Today’s card is for YOU!

Thankful Forest Friends, Stampin' Up!

Typically I’m not huge into the cutesy type of stamp images but the fox in this set called my name.  The funniest thing is I didn’t use it.  Ha!

This set has beautiful greeting images as well.  I used makers directly onto the stamp and then gave it a little hot air to moisten it up again.

If you look close enough you can tell my “R” didn’t stamp perfectly in the word “For”.  I didn’t notice it until I had taken the picture and had my glasses on.

I think this was a good indication I might need to wear my glasses more often.



Thankful Forest Friends, Stampin' Up!

I did have a little fussy cutting to do, but not much.  I decided to add a few layers of the ribbon and off centered the 3 circle layers to be different.

Thankful Forest Friends, Stampin' Up!

My lazy self decided this bear was not getting a full on mani/pedi and I didn’t fussy cut between the nails and toes.  I’m sure it would have been cuter had I tried that, but seriously… this girl didn’t have that kinda time.  If my nails are a mess… so is Mr. Bear!

Real Forest Friends

Warning, if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram… you may have already seen this.  If not, you are in for a good laugh.  Put your coffee down.

Today when I came home from driving Alexis to the gym I was bone tired.  I’ve been doing a little more late night stamping than normal and my body said- nap time! I love when my body tells me this.  <grin>

Before I laid down I told Brandon that we had a casualty in the pool.  It was a lizard at the bottom of the pool.  He was on his back with all 4’s sticking up.  Poor thing. Brandon wanted to run and rescue it but I told him he had to finish his homework.  PERIOD!

Then I fell asleep….

The rest I will just share in pictures.  When I woke up Brandon was kind enough to tell me he took care of the lizard and took pictures to prove it. WITH MY PHONE!

Dead lizard

He knows I do not like lizards AT ALL.  Nor do I like snakes.  This week alone he has scared me with a rubber snake.  Its a wonder I haven’t had a heart attack.  He does make me laugh, and he does have my cray sense of humor.  This is good, right?

Okay my “forest” friends, have a GREAT day and make something pretty!!



Don’t forget….

New Online Class (links are now fixed…. that’s a blog post I tell you!  Title will be “Not so Bright Kimberly!”)

New Stamps in the Mail- Christmas Series

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Comparison! Did I Just Do That?

Yes, I did do that.


Comparing myself to others when I know our worlds are so different.  Our creativity is different.  Our styles are different.  Our seasons of life are completely different, but yet I find myself comparing “ME” to “THEM!”


Comparison is the Thief of Creativity


Do you find yourself doing this? Comparing yourself with someone else or in my case it’s a lot of people.


I mean, I find myself getting angry over this at times.  Like the other person has no right to be doing great things with their life when my own life is a crazy tornado out of control.  This is how my mind can play CRAZY tricks on me.  My thinking is this: If my life is a train wreck we should ALL have train wreck lives.






Of course I bring myself back to reality.  Typically it’s over my quiet time in the morning where I can just meditate and I know that in reality while I think my life is a train wreck, it’s not.



I use to hear this topic frequently at business conferences, but honestly I think this applies to ANYONE business or not.  Moms, friends, everyday peeps, it applies to them.  When I had my babies at home I would compare my parenting styles with other mama’s.  Crap, I find myself doing this today.  In a matter of seconds I can think I am the worst parent on the planet and the other mom is SO amazing.  However, I’m not behind her closed door.  Maybe she is hurting, struggling or even thinking the same things as myself.


Stop Comparing!

When will it stop? When will we be so comfortable in our own shoes that we don’t have to compare ourselves to everyone else? I’m not simply talking about our artistic abilities. I’m talking in everything we do. This is something that steals my joy and creativity so quickly.  What about you?


What can we do for each other?

  • Encouraging each other in all that we do.
  • Uplift each other by sending a card, a text or GASP… pick up the phone.
  • Loving each other for who we are- we will all never agree.  God made us unique.  We need to remember that.  There is no one like me.  There is no one like YOU.  We are all special.


So what’s my point today?

I participated in a fantastic swap recently.  Like Ah-Mazing! I pulled out all my swaps from the gallon bag and I was blown away at how awesome these cards were.

Want to know what I was thinking? I’m a bit embarrassed.

  • Instantly I felt I needed to put my card in the trash-ola.  (granted when I was creating it I thought it was the bomb!)
  • Instantly I felt an overwhelming sense of frustration and resentment for not having the time they must have to create such beauties.
  • Instantly I brought myself back to REALITY! I’m not letting that pesky comparison issue STEAL MY JOY which in turn steals my CREATIVITY.

Again.. I’m Wicked!

Wicked to have these thoughts.  Right?

I love my card. I’m going to share it with you.  I think you will like it too even if you are not a Halloweenie person. Just think of the play Wicked.  It was the BEST.

Friends, do NOT let the comparison bug bring you down.  You are beautiful people.  You have amazing talents.  You are unique because God made you that way.  Rejoice in it.

Let’s talk creativity!

Howl-o-Ween Treat stamp set, Stampin' Up!

I *love* this wicked font.  I think Stampin’ Up! should make an entire alphabet set with this font.  Now, if I could change one thing on this card… “maybe” I wouldn’t have put a doily on it.  But maybe I love the doily? I do love that Happy Haunting Designer Washi Tape.  OH MY WORD.  BATS!!

Howl-o-Ween Treat stamp set, Stampin' Up!

The fact that this Howl-o-Ween Treat stamp set has matching framelits makes me giddy.  TIME SAVER.  It’s a bundle.  Which makes it a savings & time saver.  #savex2

Howl-o-Ween Treat stamp set, Stampin' Up!

Lastly, the colors.  I just dig these colors together.  That Delightful Dijon with the Blackberry Bliss = Yummy!

Okay friends.  The moral to my long story today is we will STOP comparing ourselves to anything or anyone.  We will NOT let “things” rob us of our greatness.  Yes, that’s right… WE ARE GREAT.  It’s okay to say that.  XO



P.S. Don’t forget…

New Stamps in the Mail- Christmas Series

Holiday Catalog is LIVE– Enjoy a shopping trip in your pajamas.

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NEW- Stamps in the Mail Christmas Series!

NEW- Stamps in the Mail Christmas Series!

Stamps in the Mail Christmas Series


I’ve been going like the energizer bunny the last month trying to get all my systems back in place and one that has been lurking around my brain is Stamps in the Mail.  It’s a program I’ve grown to love and adore over many many years.  I put a lot of blood sweat and tears in this program making it just right for YOU.  It’s been a fantastic program for beginner to advance stampers.
It’s time to get Stamps in the Mail rolling again!  It’s going to be fun, exciting and NEW.        
Looking at the past Stamps in the Mail series, the MOST popular one was the Christmas Series.  
  • Do you struggle finding more than one idea with ONE stamp set?
  • Are you looking for different techniques to create that one of a kind Christmas card?
  • Are you looking for a way to get Christmas projects completed without the hassle of overthinking it?
Stamps in the Mails is the perfect program if you answered yes to the above.
I’m doing something different over the next three months to help you get excited to create for the holiday season.  
Starting this month I will be offering a MONTHLY Stamps in the Mail Christmas Series that will conclude in November.  
Each month we will use a different stamp set to create cards, tags and gift projects.  Ready to learn more about it?
Click HERE to read more on the first month and how you can register.  


Project Life- Are You Getting in the Groove?

Project Life- Are You Getting in the Groove?

Over the past month I been sharing my Project Life layouts from the Heidi Swapp Capture Life Challenge.  This challenge has definitely pushed my creativity, my time and most of all given me the opportunity to capture everyday life as it’s happening. I’d say I’m getting in the groove.

Why has it pushed my creativity? 

As an avid scrapbooker for YEARS I’ve always worked with a fairly large canvas size to scrapbook and typically a clean blank piece of 12 x 12 cardstock.  When I started using Project Life cards it was SO easy to plop the cards and photos into the pockets and walk away. BUT that’s not how I roll.  I wanted to give it a little more.  Add a bit of Kimberly flare to it.  This is why I love it.  If you have NO time, Project Life can help you.  If you have time, you can still unleash your creativity and in my case it pushed it a bit.  Here are a few things new I tried using Project Life:

  • Printed directly on the pocket cards.  It took a bit of a learning curve but the internet is an open book and I’m a good listener.
  • I created my own pocket cards using Photoshop.  I even used my own handwriting.  This was a HUGE learning curve and still is.  But I did it.
  • I started using other products I had in my stash.  I have a bunch and instead of letting it collect dust I decided to play with it.  This pushed my creativity – I’m use to everything coordinating when using Stampin’ Up!.  When you are using other products it’s not always that easy.

Why has it pushed my time?

It’s simple.  I have NO time.  None.  This is the truth.  I spend most of my time during the day working on my Stampin’ Up! business.  Once the kids are home I am on the road driving and then back home to cook.  Then I’m back on the road again to pick up.  Next is guiding the kids so they can have a successful night.  This includes dinner, homework, chores … You know that drill.

Once everyone is tucked in bed I come back to work.  I have been putting these layouts together typically around midnight.  Don’t be scared.  They have taken me 5 minutes to put together.  That’s IT.  The hardest part was finding the cards, ink, stamps or embellishments I wanted to use.

Why capture everyday life?

Why NOT? Every single day I take a photo of something.  It’s now a habit.  I’ve captured some great memories since I started.  Now that they are in an album I can tell a story of my August happenings.  Come to find out we are not as boring as I thought we were.  But the real reason I capture everyday life… Life is SHORT.  I am not promised tomorrow but I can remember yesterday and many days before that.  Life can change in an instant.  We know this.  So why not keep memories alive?


Whether you started this journey with Heidi at the beginning or you are just starting now, it doesn’t matter.  The first big step is starting it.


I have a few layouts I want to share with you.  I hope you are inspired to create your own.

Project Life Day 21

This moment captured is so special.  These two can but heads better than anyone I know.  To see them quietly working on Brandon’s Algebra/Geometry was heart warming and a moment I didn’t want to forget.


Project Life Day 22

I look at this picture and think how can she be growing up so fast.  Over the last year alone she has grown 4″.  She is becoming a lady before my crazy eyes.

Project Life Day 23

I know many hate to take selfies, but remember… YOU have a story to tell too.  It’s important that we leave our own legacy behind.  Someone will enjoy a good laugh on us one day.

Project Life Day 24


This was a HUGE milestone.  HUGE.

Project Life Day 25

Selfies don’t always have to be a face.  Remember to be real with the journaling.  This story speaks volumes for me.  It’s been a crappy couple of years for me.  I’m starting to feel like myself again. Although the past has been painful, I’ve learned so much about myself and finding myself again has been just as interesting.  Being true to WHO you are is important.

Project Life Day 26


It was just a moment to capture.  She normally wears contacts because of gymnastics.  Her right eye was really red and inflamed so I told her she had to wear her glasses.  You could see her self confidence melting.  She doesn’t like to wear her glasses.  Her mama thinks she is gorgeous with or without them. I wanted her to see for herself.  It’s a moment she will remember.

There are not many days left with this challenge.  I am excited that I’ve kept on track for the most part.  I am 3 days behind right now but I will finish it tonight.  I’m not worried.  I have the memories.  Now to put them in their sleeves so I can admire them for the long haul.

There are two things I can accomplish by sharing this book.

  1. I created it.
  2. I inspired you to create your own.

I hope you will let me know if you have started.

Thanks for reading my friends.  I do love you!


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