Cookies & Dracula

Cookies & Dracula

This card couldn’t be more fitting for today.

Cookie Cutter Halloween is adorable and I spent time over the weekend creating with it.

This new stamp set in the Holiday Catalog is a cutie and had me giggling while I was creating this card.


Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


Spooky & Cute

It’s hard to look at this and say spooky because every single image in this set has some bit of cuteness factor in it.

SO why was I giggling with Mr. Dracula?

Well, the greeting and the Dracula caught my attention.  I was stamping to free some mass anxiety I’ve been  having.

Yes, unfortunately as you’re reading this I’m either waiting for or having my root canal done.

YAY, said no one ever.

Spooky is the first word that comes to my mind.

Going to the dentist is by FAR the spookiest thing to me on the planet.  I would rather have 10 babies than go sit in a dentist chair.


Dracula is Smiling

Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


I started giggling when looking at this Dracula image because he’s smiling.

Seriously? This instantly makes me think of the dentist.  His evil smile at me.

Why such fear? It only took one bad experience. I’ve never been the same since.

Since April I’ve been back and forth to the doctor and the dentist.  One telling that the sinus problems I’m having is a dental problem.  The dentist (taking X-rays) telling it’s a sinus problem.  Believe it or not, if I look back on this problem it’s been going on for 3 years.  Before I left VA I had seen a dentist for this exact issue. They said it’s all sinus problems.

Isn’t it amazing how God put this to rest while I cared for Russ?

In April it re-surfaced.  Back and forth I’ve been trying to get to the ROOT of the problem-pun intended.

For Petes sake, someone FIX it.

I believe I found that someone.  I hate to even admit that I *kinda* like this new dentist.  He’s kind and he says THIS is the problem.  Knowing this is not a sinus problem is a big relief, truly a blessing.


As the Old Saying Goes…

Its time for Kimberly to put on her BIG girl panties and face my fear and sit my bootie down in the big girl dentist chair and have the work done.

Never mind that since the consult on Wednesday I’ve been anxiety ridden.

Not sleeping.

On edge.

Cannot think clearly…

Stamping to distract my mind…


Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


The result of my anxiety was a cute Dracula.  Saying “EEK!”  How ironic this word was my exact thought as I get myself ready for this appointment. EEK.


Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


We Can Do Hard Things

Today while I’m sitting in the big bad dentist chair I will remind myself that I can do hard things.  I can face my fears and push past the spooky feelings this professional gives me.  I guess I need to give up some control and realize he’s the professional and I’m the scared patient.

The truth is, I’m a big baby.

I hope to report tomorrow that I survived.


At 2pm Central Time if you feel inclined to do so- pray for this dentist.  He may need it with this gal.  Pray that I can be brave.

*I have no confidence in myself*




PS- September 1st… you can order this adorable stamp set- Cookie Cutter Halloween. I’ll tell you more about it soon.  Right now my brain only sees the pointed teeth – smiling at me.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!







This Almost Landed In The Trash

Trash and Trashed Again!

I guess its time for a little trash talk.  Yes, it landed in the trash but I kept trying.


How Does It Happen? 

Let’s face it, there are times as creative people that the inner most creative juices come to a screeching halt.

How can this happen when we have the most resources known to mankind available to us?

Why is it when we have a new shiny stamp set at our disposal we are unsure where to start?

And why in the world would a creation land in the trash?


Well, this happened to me and I’m pretty sure you’ve had it happen too.

Trash, Badges & Banners, Stampin' Up!

Resources At My Fingertips

As crazy as this sounds I know I have resources at my fingertips waiting to be used.

However I am one stubborn bird.  I think I have to constantly come up with the new and amazing ideas.

When I started to create this card using the Banners & Badges stamp set,  I had already made one card and I loved the images inside the entire set.  Easy peasy, right?

I picked a few colors I wanted to use, the stamp set is in front of me and BAM- not a single idea.

Then I started playing with a few images, and supplies.  Nothing.

Finally I put something together.  HATED it.  To the trash it went!

I started over and felt like my creative capsule in my brain was DRY.

Seriously, this is a nightmare for me and any crafter.


Don’t Give Up- Start Over 

Sometimes you have to start over.   Sometimes you have to start over many times.

That’s exactly what happened with this card I’m sharing today.  This card managed to find the trash can a few times but I didn’t let it defeat me.

Maybe you are a brand new stamper, I hope I can encourage you to keep on trying even when you are unsure of where to start.

Or maybe you are a seasoned stamper and your creative capsule in your brain has taken a sabbatical.

It’s OKAY!


Keep Moving Forward

Trash, Badges & Banners, Stampin' Up!

Ideas That Can Help


Even when your idea is not going in the direction you would like try a few of these ideas… its helped me.

  • Start over
  • Give yourself permission to trash it too!
  • Try to change the colors.
  • Maybe you need to change the sketch.
  • MAYBE you need to put that stamp set back on the shelf and try something new.
  • Don’t let it defeat you! Walk away.
  • Eat some chocolate. Usually it’s on my desk for me to make something pretty with.  Sometimes it never makes it to that stage because I ate it.  Sometimes I eat the whole bag.  Not kidding.
  • Let it go!

Whatever you do in the midst of a dry spell, giving up should not be the solution.  Walking away for a bit lets your brain rest from the chaos.


I’m sharing one of my least favorite cards I’ve created in a long time.  I’m letting it go.  I love some of the elements on the card, but ya know what… it’s OKAY.  I’m still sharing it today because JUST MAYBE there is something on this card that will inspire someone else.  It will be a source of inspiration.


Use Your Resources

Trash, Badges & Banners, Stampin' Up!


There are so many resources available to stampers.  Pinterest, Splitcoaststampers, blogs, magazines to name only a few.

These resources are there for a reason.  For stampers to use when the creative capsule hits a dry spell.  These are the things we can use to jump start our creativity. I  use them all the time and if it wasn’t for these resources available, my stamps would be dried rubber.  We can all use a little inspiration.


Trash, Badges & Banners, Stampin' Up!

See products used for today’s projects below in the clickable links and shop Online 24/7!

Be Inspired & Create 

Today I hope you pull out some stamp sets and create.   Find something that inspires you and let the stamps, ink and paper work together to create your new masterpiece.  If it lands in the trash a couple of times, it’s OKAY.




Tutorial Bundle Subscription


Camping, Stampin' Up!








Here’s a Quick Way to Create For a Fiesta!

Create For a Fiesta

It’s true that Cinco de Mayo festivities have passed, but it’s not the only day we can have a FIESTA!


In fact, I love a good party so I don’t really need an excuse to have one.  There is always one thing that can get me to make up a party and thats beautiful paper.


Every year when I open the new Stampin’ Up! catalog I look at the designer paper and dream about the parties I can have and the ideas of creativity flow depending on the paper that I’m looking at.


I should also add that sometimes the fiesta’s I dream about don’t come to life, but in my head and with paper they do.


Instant Party in My Brain

One look at the Festive Birthday Designer Series Paper and I was hooked.  Instant fiesta planning went into hyperdrive and I wanted to throw a big ole’ FIESTA.

Fiesta, Stampin' Up!

Make no mistake the party favors I was thinking about were off the charts.

I had to calm myself and speak reality to my big ears- Quick and Simple Kimberly.

Today I have a fun party favor idea for your own Fiesta, and of course you will want to thank your guests for coming to the BIG fiesta.  I have a quick thank you note to share too.


Fiesta Party Favor


Fiesta, Stampin' Up!


Quick and simple party favors can be created using Stampin’ Up! Kraft 12 x 12 cardstock.


Fiesta, Stampin' Up!


You can click HERE to download a tutorial on creating this fiesta filled treat holder.

The Festive Birthday Designer Series Paper creates a colorful favor with a few added embellishments.  The treat holder is sealed at the top with a Golden Binder Clip and Whisper White Mini Pom Pom Trim.  This trim screams PARTY.


Fiesta, Stampin' Up!

See products used for today’s projects below in the clickable links and shop Online 24/7!

The inside of the Fiesta favor features Stampin’ Up!’s Gusseted Cellophane Bags filled with festive candies I found at a local candy shop.  The candy’s are just as bright and fun as the outside of the party favor.


Don’t Forget a Thank You!

I kept my thank you very simple using the Birthday Fiesta Photopolymer Bundle from Stampin’ Up!


Fiesta, Stampin' Up!


Fiesta, Stampin' Up!


Fiesta, Stampin' Up!


While simple it is, it’s elegant and packs a punch with the bold colors.  A thank you greeting was stamped using the Thankful Thoughts stamp set.

Click HERE to download a tutorial to create this card.


Fiesta, Stampin' Up!

See products used for today’s projects below in the clickable links and shop Online 24/7!

Are You Planning Your Own Fiesta? 

Hopefully the ideas shared today have sparked a little creative party fun so that you can plan our own Fiesta.  These ideas are simple enough to duplicate many and I’m sure to create joy to anyone that receives them.


You can purchase the Birthday Fiesta Bundle HERE to get started.


Today is the DAY!

Tutorial Bundle Subscription

There has been much anticipation today leading up to the release of our first Tutorial Bundle.

Today the tutorial will go LIVE.  For those that have pre-ordered or purchased $50 in product you will automatically be sent the tutorial.

If you want to know more information about this amazing launch, click HERE for more information.



The Secret of Using the Ombre Stampin’ Pad

Quick Tips on Using the Ombre Stampin’ Pad

Stampin’ Up!’s new Ombre Stampin’ Pads caught my eye right away and I couldn’t wait to use them.

However, there is a little secret to inking these awesome pads and getting a great image every single time.


Summer Sorbet

First, choose a stamp set that makes the colors of the Ombre Stampin’ Pad really shine.  A solid image stamp is best.

For today’s card I chose to use Summer Sorbet and perfect for using the variety of Ombre Stampin’ Pad’s that Stampin’ Up! has available.

This is also a card we created at a class I held yesterday.

It’s simple, clean and grabs your attention with the beautiful colors.

Ombre, Stampin' Up!, Summer Sorbet

Ombre, Stampin' Up!, Summer Sorbet

Solid Stamp Sets to Use with Ombre Stampin’ Pads

Here are a few stamp sets that would be perfect to use with the Ombre Stampin’ Pads in the Idea Book & Catalog

  • Confetti Celebrations Page 12
  • Stylized Birthday Page 16
  • Something for Baby Page 58
  • Playful Backgrounds Page 121
  • Swirly Bird Page 152

These are just a sampling of sets I would use with the Ombre Stampin’ Pads, but there are MANY MANY more.

So what is the secret to getting a good image?

It’s all technique in how you ink the stamped image.

Ombre, Stampin' Up!, Summer Sorbet


Here are a few tips: 

  • When inking the stamp image with an Ombre Stampin’ Pad, make sure to move the image in small circles.  If you notice in the picture below, there are lines separating each of the pads.  When you ink this image, moving in small circles will prevent these lines from appearing on your paper.   Gently move the image in small circles until the image is fully inked.  Now stamp.

Ombre, Stampin' Up!, Summer Sorbet

  • Try inking the image like you normally would on a regular Stampin’ Pad.  See the difference in how each way you ink this pad will create a dynamic difference.
  • Ombre Stampin’ Pads do not come with re-inkers.  I store these pads upside down so the ink stays fresh at the top.  Make sure to seal the pads so they do not dry out.
  • Currently we have three colors to choose from in the new Idea Book & Catalog- Bermuda Bay, Calypso Coral, and Rich Razzleberry.  All beautiful colors. Two NEW colors have been released in the NEW Holiday Catalog- Black and Emerald Envy.  Both new colors perfect for your holiday stamping.


Create it!

Ombre, Stampin' Up!, Summer Sorbet

See products used for today’s projects below in the clickable links and shop Online 24/7!


Creating this card is quick and simple.  You can download a quick tutorial on creating this card HERE.

New & Exciting


Tutorial Bundle Subscription


This week I’ve been super excited about the new tutorial I will be offering.

Click the photo above or click HERE to read about it.

This will NOT disappoint and INCREDIBLY amazing.

Don’t miss OUT!



Have an AMAZING day and AWESOME weekend!

Here’s a Quick Way to Add Texture

Texture Using Thinlits


Is it any surprise that when we think of adding texture to a project we typically think embellishments?

This isn’t the case at all.

In fact you probably have the biggest resource of texture laden products sitting next to you- Stampin’ Up! Idea Book & Catalog.

Today not only do I have a blog hop by the magnificent Artisan designers I’m sharing, I’m also going to show you a way to add texture to a card that’s brilliant using a Thinlits die.


Flourishing Phrases & Coordinating Thinlits

Normally when I think of the word texture I think of do-dads that I can add to my card so that when I touch it I can feel bumpy or something.  That something could be a lot of things such as:

  • buttons
  • Enamel Dots
  • Ribbon


Obviously there are many ways to add texture to a project, but today I was thinking about adding texture that is subtle.  Something more flat in nature when applied to paper and one that will go through the postal system a little easier.

Flourish Thinlits

Texture, Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team

This week the Artisan team is focusing on the coordinating products Flourishing Phrases and Flourish Thinlits.

TWO fantastic products that can be bundled together to create texture filled projects.

I fell in love with the stamp set, but it was the Flourish Thinlits that tipped my love button all the way to the top.  This is a product that can add texture to a card in a way that is so subtle, and so beautiful.

Texture, Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team


By die cutting the thinlits in the same color as the card base, this intricate die cut added extreme interest to the card without adding a lot of bulk.


One thing I hear from paper crafters is this:

“Kimberly, I love all of the do-dads, but I’m not spending a dollar to mail my card filled with do-dads.”


Man, do I understand that statement.  Although the little voice inside my head says the same thing, I still send them.  Here is an alternative that you will not only love but I encourage you to try with other framelits/thinlits besides the Flourish Thinlits.

Texture, Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team

I decided to create 5 cards using the 2015-2016 In Colors along with the Flourishing Phrases stamp set and one image from the Touches of Texture stamp set.

The large flourish in the coordinating Thinlits was the perfect size to use for the background.  I used Whisper White, the same as the card base.  Next to the large flourish I used the large splatter image from Touches of Texture to add in color.

The Flourishing Phrases stamp set has all of the greetings you can imagine.


Texture, Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team


The coordinating of products could not be any easier for this project.  Simple pieces such as the In Color Doilies, ribbon and Designer series paper created ease when designing this project.


Texture, Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team

Each card is the same except for the color.



Tips & Tricks

Texture, Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team


A couple of tips & tricks when creating this project…

  • The Big Shot Die Brush is amazing when working with intricate dies.  HOWEVER, if you look closely at my cards above, you will see that not every intricate piece did I remove.  I loved how beautiful this looked with some of the small pieces still stuck inside the die cut.  It only added more interest.
  • Use a Glue-Pen when attaching intricate die cuts. It dries quickly and you can reach very intricate pieces with it’s very fine tip.
  • The designer paper pattern you see on each of the cards comes from the 2015-2017 In Color 12 x 12 Envelope Paper.  Gorgeous and thinner.

Texture, Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team

See products used for today’s projects below in the clickable links and shop Online 24/7!

Your Turn! 

I’m anxious to hear what other dies you find to use this simple but effective technique when adding texture to a card.

Don’t forget to share with me or leave a comment telling me your favorite thing you love to use when adding texture to a card.


It’s time to take a tour and see what the other Artisans have created using the Flourishing Phrases and Flourish Thinlits.

Click the button below and your first stop will be Krista Frattin’s blog.  Let’s see her amazing creativity today.

Texture, Stampin' Up!



Don’t Forget!

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Camping, Stampin' Up!


Have You Heard the News?


I’m super excited about this amazing collaboration.  Click HERE to see all of the excitement.